Tuesday, November 28, 2006


(Photo Courtesy: Pratik Shah)

The VIP tribe of this country is a self-serving, smug one. If you live in Chennai and happen to drop in at 'Coffee' near the Music college, look for this PWD order painted on the wall.


Sathej said...

Wonder how a VVIP ear is more important than ours.Is the PWD Public Works Department or Politicians Working Department?

Tycoonthangraj said...

I visit Coffee? atleast once a week to have a good time. I can't understand why those exalted beings (who're probably devoid of any social life, and grey matter worth writing home about!)feel their privacy is being violated....they only need to walk down their own driveways to the main road(Greenways Road) which is always crowded, and very very noisy and clean up that mess before they pick on someone trying to make life a lot more fun in that part of Chennai.

rajesh said...

look at the arrogance in the notice...as if noise pollution and parking of vehicles are diseases meant for the common citizens. damn.

Sriganesh said...

Never mind the board. Its a place not worth visiting. Two, look at the condition of the board. Hope PWD gives it a fresh quote of paint.

cynicalcount said...

Rajesh : I wonder why you are so surprised and mention about arrogance. Ofcourse, politicians are an endgangered species and if you didnt know this inspite of living in India its your fault. The bottom line is "You get what you deserve".

Tony said...

Ironically, politicians make the most noise and park their butts in the MP/MLA chairs