Monday, November 13, 2006


TV Syd serves the southern region of Denmark – called South Jutland. I spent a day at their office observing how they work and that’s how the pig story happened. I was assigned to go with the team of Dorte Vinther (both in picture) and cameraman, Arne Andreasen. Dorte had yawned during the morning meeting and was thereafter referred to as “the sleepy reporter.”

The thing I noticed first about their office was the silence. Nobody was screaming down phone lines, nobody was barking on their cell phones, indeed, cell phones were not even ringing and all was truly quiet on the southern front. For the story we had to drive from Kolding (pron. Kolling) to Grindsted. TV crews there don’t have separate drivers – Arne drove, filmed and edited the pictures.

Once there, we had to wear space suits like these before going into the factory where Arne and Dorthe got down to business while I got down to staring.

Arne shot for about 30 minutes and then Dorte began her interviews. The story about the imminent closure of this plant had been done before so she did a soft story on what people were feeling on the day it actually happened.

The union leader, Kent Kaltoft was interviewed outside the plant. He said, "Of the 700 workers, 500 already have a job. But I'm not going to stop till the last person finds a job."

Here in India we keep our equipment in the office. But at TV Syd, all the equipment remains in the ENG (electronic news gathering) van. It’s equipped with chargers and monitors and everything else required in handling a breaking news story. Just jump into this thing and hit the spot. Here, Arne puts everything back in place.

Back in the office Dorte begins to write her story in the newsroom. The picture of Tintin looks down upon the place. Why is it there? Because according to the news head Ernst Moller, “hes the best reporter in the world!” That is true.

Once the script is done, the edit begins.

These are pictures of the production control room. Everything that happens in the studio is controlled from here. The plant's closure became the top story that evening.

And that’s the way it goes.


journovoice said...

Dear Alaphia,

It is interesting to read about the newsgathering practices in a far away land. I really agree about the Tintin part. Not only have i been an ardent reader and fan of 'the greatest reporter in the world', i have a friend who is a well known photojournalist from Europe who believes he is inspired by him. His name is Nick Danziger and this is a link about Nick -

Interestingly, all of Tintin's stories are focussed on Europe and the only America we see is dominated by Red Indians and Al Capone....Strange stereotyping.

Keep blogging.


Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hi Journovoice,

I will check out Nick Danziger's link. To add to the stereotyping list in Tintin - Indian fakirs and maharajahs.

RS said... sure tell your story well. Please visit my blog when you have time. I am in Sri Lanka, have filed a few things there.

Take care

Sathej said...

Hello Alaphia,
Great comparison drawn between reporting here and in Denmark.And how about some cultural aspects there?Talking of culture,I am again reminded of the forthcoming Music season here in December(I have already posted it,wonder if you read it!).NDTV would do well to have atleast say, a Special Report on this.

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Thanks Rajesh,
I will check out your blog.

Sathej - Yes I did see your note on the music festival. I'm sure we'll be doing something.

matcher said...

Hey Alaphia,

Can you not start Video Blogging. You were the one who presented in NDTV on blogging. So you will be well-versed in that aspect.

Months later I saw that clip of your Blogging news in

I was thinking how much more live you could have presented those Danish Stories through Video Blogging.Hey!!! After all you are a Televison Journalist.
Good Luck.

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hi Matcher,

I suppose I could video blog - but i'm just a TV reporter .... i hardly use the camera myself. Infact I have found that I don't really care to.

On my holiday I could've come back with a million more pictures but I found it tiresome to carry a camera around. Most of these pictures are just from the first two weeks - and i was there for five!

A K Ravishankar said...

yes,nice snapsss!!!