Tuesday, May 03, 2005


Its a story i didn't/don't understand. Why is a dark, ordinary-looking, OLD, scanty-haired, Tamil-speaking man popular in Japan??!!! Meeting a group of denizens from the above mentioned country didnt provide any insights.
Young Meura, in his early 20s, says a bit simplistically, "Rejni meuvie is vedy, vedy fahn... ". Englightening.

Moments later he does the moves from 'Baba' and shows off Rajni ring-tones on his mobile along with four of his mates with whom he'd come down to try and catch the first day, first show of 'Chandramukhi'.
Rajni mania went through the roof in Japan when an initiative of the NFDC (National Film Development Corporation) to launch 'Muthu' there turned out to be a roaring success. Ever since vast legions of Japanese fans have been gyrating to the tunes of Rajni "meuvies".

There are some sober ones too, like Buddhist monk, Hase Kawa. He's been to Chennai 8 times to try and catch a glimpse of the super-star but failed every single time. He accepts that with a Zen-like calm. His latest trip has also been unsuccessful and he will soon go back to his monastery. He may have a prayer on his lip, but he's likely to have a Rajni song in his heart.