Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Johnny Deep's inspiration Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones snorts some really weird stuff. Scary!

Now a regular reader has found that Richards was apparently kidding.


Sathej said...

Weird?!It is abominable!I don't know what comes over humans at such times?

Sathej said...

It seems he was joking!

Srikrishnan said...

hey alaphia. I just sent you 2 mails. Please feel free to ignore the first mail as it is a "poorer" version of the second one.

PS: I normally dont re-read mails. Somehow did it thins time.

PPS: I sent it to your yahoo account

Raji said...

I guess it is a stunt by a fading rock star - like ones by other rock (and other) stars to draw attention to themselves - first say/do something ourageous, and then hastily recant.