Monday, April 09, 2007


Take twenty minutes, don't take calls and read this horrific, chilling expose on how the cops in Uttar Pradesh were in cahoots with the wealthy Moninder Singh Pandher.


Ravi said...
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Ravi said...

Very insightful and horrific account of what happened. And why has Mulayam refused to visit Nithari ?

What is NDTV Delhi's position on this now ? Things seemed to have cooled down on this news.

Seems like Kohli will be the scapegoat for Pandher.

Sathej said...

Really horrifying story.NDTV must do a bit more for this,as in the Mattoo and Jessica Lal cases.
Indeed very sad!

Tony said...

Why is it that stuff like this no longer shocks me?

Unknown said... many Nand Lal's are being booted around at this very moment?
A Multitude!
And what can media (NDTV) do?
Ensure that the "suspended" cops are severely punished through the legal process.
The "aam admi's" voice has to be amplified thru the media ensuring an example of sorts made of these cops.
So at least there is a miniscule element of hesitation by another cop before such a recurrence - (WE HOPE)

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hi Ravi,
NDTV continues its coverage when something happens, but even I would like to see a blow by blow account of this miscarriage of justice.

Yes Sathej I agreee with you.

Toe Knee - Come on! This doesn't shock you? I have never seen such a diabolical set of policemen and women even in India.

Francis - I hope so too but I have absolute faith in the polices corruption, fraud and bestiality. It will be around for a long time if not forever after.

Unknown said...

Hi Alaphia,
Evil counterbalances Good and both are universal truths.
What are possible solutions to tackle such Evil?
Find their Achilles Heel.
1. Force Politicians thru media campaigns to "ACT"
2. Convince public figures like Narayan Murthy to step up/in to higher public service responsibility (stand for President)
3. Media can certainly afford to take up PRO BONO cases (one by one)!
Lets take small steps before the Big Leap to get out of this tunnel of darkness.

Sathej said...

Hello Alaphia,
The police just seem to exist for the rich and the powerful.Did you notice the careless attitude of the officer you interviewed today afternoon regarding the drunken driving case?They couldn't present the case properly and now he says they would wait for the court.Must the court issue a suo moto each time?