Sunday, April 08, 2007


Mildly funny letter written by Thiru M.Karunanidhi to the External Affairs Minister Pranab Mukherji wishing the latter a speedy recovery after his accident.

Dear Mukherjijee,

I am very much shocked (just shocked should do or perhaps very shocked if he insists) to hear the sudden news of the accident and I was a little relieved to know that you have escaped with head injuries (theres something wrong about being a little relieved when someone has just had their head bumped in many places. What he may have wanted to say was that he was relieved he had escaped with only ...only head injuries. Anyway...) At this age of yours, you should take all precautions while travelling. Your good and sincere services are very much needed for the country. While I wish you speedy recovery, I kindly request you to take complete rest before you resume your work. (Of course...of course)

Yours sincerely,


Unknown said...

HI...he could have ended his letter with the tombstone!


p.s. it was just a knick, cmon Pranab!

Kiruba Shankar said...

I very much smiled after reading the blog post.

Ravi said...

Is this letter for real ?! I hope Pranab takes complete rest until the next Lok Sabha election for our sake !

May God rest him in peace :-)

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hi Francis,
Actually even I thought much was being made out of it till I saw Pranab's head stuck in a huge swathe of bandages. Though I'm sure he's fine, seems a little more than a nick.

Hey Kiruba,
Atleast Karunanidhi makes one man smile.

Yes Ravi - its for real!!