Wednesday, November 30, 2005


One afternoon while covering the floods in Trichy I found myself wading through knee-deep water in the interiors of a residential colony. It was lunch-time but I figured if I tried to get out it will take me half an hour. 45 minutes for lunch (I eat slowly) and then another 30 to get back in. Not worth it. Skip lunch and continue wading.

By the time I got back to my hotel room at 10 pm, I was ragingly ravenous. I decided dinner had to be elaborate and stylish. I opened the menu and went straight for the white meat. I wanted soft, tender chicken, preferably marinated, drenched in a sweet-and-sour sauce with a generous dollop of mashed potatoes.

With such longing in my heart, I searched for the chicken dishes. I found the page but it was titled, (brace yourself) ‘Cock-a-doodle-do’.

All plans of an elaborate dinner were hastily abandoned. I settled for rice.


Abhi! said...

Ha Ha!! Inspite of the floods, they haven't lost their sense of humor!! Are u back in namma chennai??

***** said...

OMG --- I had read a similar name on the menu of one of the restaurants in Coimbatore...actually I fell off my chair laughing and the servers had to pick me up...reading your blog, now it seems this dish is quite (in)famous down there.

Unknown said...

I hope allz fine wid ya.. have the floods receded ??
Madras seems to be as chaotic as Bombay :)


Anonymous said...

hey al,
you always seem to be there when water's everywhere.. I remember giving you a buzz when you were on the beach in cuddalore and telling you to get outta there..anyway need to talk to you asap so give me a call sometime..

Varun Acharya

Anahat said...

what do i say.. you seem to attract the whimsical to yourself... everytime i look around it in your face...

hows chennai... and the rest of the south treating you?