Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Viewers often accuse the media of jumping from story to story without telling them enough about anything and without doing enough follow-ups. It’s a valid criticism. Then, why I wonder, is the market not dictating terms to news-channels? Why isn’t there a greater need for independent documentary film-makers who can bring in the analysis and follow-ups that the viewers are looking for?


REFLEX said...

Who is going to finance the docu film makers and which channel is going to air it without any bias ?. Anyways, I am not a docu film maker and its just a thought.
News Channels are just doing the news and they are not into investigative journalism. I think its a diff subject. Hope I am right.

Alaphia Zoyab said...

hi reflex!
Exactly! I wish there was somebody who would finance documentary film-makers generously. Id love to watch an Anand Patwardhan type film more often. It shows when the job is hurried.

Anonymous said...

The truth - thats what investigatory journos are about - u gotta ask yourself one question, what percentile of the population really gives a hoot or has the stomach to take the step to making the first step? we see, hear and shake our collective heads in disapproval and thank heaven we're not one of the people effected by whatever the perpetrator and the subject of the investigation has done and go on our way.
So whats the point anyway?