Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I was looking at the matrimonial page in a leading NRI (non-resident Indian) newspaper and couldn’t help noticing a few unusual new additions to the sales vocabulary for young Indians of “marriageable age”. Or maybe these are not new around here although I certainly haven’t seen these terms before.

The parents of the girls describe their daughters' in usual glowing language. These girls are always “slim”, “fair”, “gorgeous” and one even said “exceptionally beautiful”. What they seek for their daughters is someone from the same religion and caste of course, but also someone who has a good “East West blend.” Haven’t seen that one before. . .

US citizens and green card holders are handed a clear advantage and if they are “into fitness” - even better.

Many of the boys’ parents also describe their sons with generous adjectives such as “fair”, “handsome” and one said, "charismatic". The son's wealth is nakedly mentioned
with the promise of even greater riches because he is invariably from an Ivy League school. But curiously, most of these wonderful sons are in the market to re-marry. Nothing wrong with that except that he is described almost as a victim since advertising a divorce raises a hundred red flags for most Indian parents. So, the new invention in the wedding vocab is “innocently divorced”! Have you heard that one before? I haven't.

The poor, helpless handsome, fair, wealthy son was innocently divorced by some wicked witch of the east-west. But thankfully, the parents can guarantee that the affair ended “issueless.”



And don't forget the girls are always 'homely' - which is supposed to indicate home loving and not ugly, as it really means.
These 'innocent' ads are what appear in our local 'issues'. It is clear you haven't looked at them here - what fun you have missed!

How have you been Alaphia?

Sathej said...

'Innocently divorced!?' Wonder what that means..and nakedly mentioning the wealth..well, some of these NRIs are well on their way to establishing a new trend - characterized by such 'innocent' ads with a not-so-innocent purpose :)

'Tis a beautiful life! said...

innocently divorced!! i LOVE it!!

you havent seen the worst of them yet btw...ask a girl who has seen it all...lol!

btw...what were u doing looking at matrimonials of ivy league innocently divorced boys? does the better half know? ;)

Alaphia Zoyab said...

onCloud9! I look forward to hearing some of your stories :-)
I like to amuse myself with these matrimonial ads. The better half is equally amused!

Rohan said...

Lol! I sincerely hope that I'll never have to advertise myself/be advertised in such columns in order to get married, although, as they say, at 18, I'm still ages away from marriage!

Nagesh.MVS said...

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