Friday, October 19, 2007


Last weekend, we smushed George Bush. In fact, we smushed him so badly, his head came off.

So what were we up to exactly?

I think we were celebrating freedom of speech and expression while playing with a rubber doll. I doubt there are too many countries in the world that sell little caricature rubber pieces of their President or Prime Minister at the national airport. And since they do in America, they went the whole hog and added the words ‘No Brainer’ at the back of his head.

I bought one and introduced him to my three year old niece. I told her he was ‘George Bush’ and that she could go ahead and ‘smush him.’ She did it in right earnest. In fact once when she dropped him she prophetically said, “George Bush went down.”

Of course, honey. He’s definitely headed that way.

By Sunday night she had been kneading little rubber Bush with such gusto that his head came off. We put it back on because we won’t be denied the joy of smushing Bush.


GeekBeyondRedemption said...

The absolute freedom of speech that is zealously protected by the ACLU is something that I am madly jealous of.

I don't agree with the restrictions on hate-speech that are prevalent in India/Europe. People need to grow up and be able to listen and filter out the meat from the idiots.

Note! Free speech does not mean that you can shout "Fire" in a crowded theater, or provoke a crowd to violence.

Sathej said...

Freedom of speech - yes, I agree we have a long way to go. Caricatures-we do that too sometimes no :)
Btw, your niece seems to have had a great time :)

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hi Geek,
Yeah... I'm just reminded of all the instances these last few years where people in India were persecuted for saying perfectly harmless things - Kushboo, the arts professor in Baroda (I think)...etc..etc.

Hi Sathej,

Yes, my niece had a great time with George Bush!

Tony said...

Was wondering if you find the Lalu doll just as "smushable"

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hey Toe Knee
I don't think the Laloo doll was 'smushable'. But he is not as loathsome... and he's actually not such a dumb guy. He's got a brain.

Unknown said...

It may be politically incorrect (!) to say so, but "smushing" a doll (based on a live person) is something a 3 year old should not be doing. (and I am not a G.B. Fan)
Have you thought of the psycological effects on the child?

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hi Francis,
Please... lets not be paranoid and get into micro-psycho-analysis. My little niece knows nothing about G.B. except that its a stupid doll.

Aditya said...

Let me give you an example of how freedom of speech stands (and is perceived) in our country. It probably drives the discussion in a different direction but let me try. is banned because someone created a hate community for a national icon. What does has to do if one of the million subscribers that it has, decided to portray his disaffection for a warrior by creating a community? Orkut provides a space, a platform. period. If I, with a group of people, criticize American policies on a coffee table in Indian Coffee house, should the Coffee house administration be held responsible for promoting Anti-Americanism? Is it so hard a concept to understand?

Secondly, there is actually a THICK line between criticism and "promoting hatred", something which, we, as Indians, at times fail to understand. We can't swallow that little piece of critical reasoning for someone who we think of as an icon.

The trait(s) I am talking about here, is one which a matured society should possess. Sadly, we aren't even close.

Just my thoughts, Alaphia.

Revanta said...

Lallu Doll?!
Where can I get one? Ebay?

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hey RB,
Try Ebay or go to Bihar. I doubt you want to do the latter though.
Best of luck if you do.