Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Denmark recently witnessed the worst street violence in more than a decade. Youngsters came out onto the streets to protest against the takeover of a youth centre in Copenhagen. Squatters were evicted from the building and four days of street fights followed. The building had been offically abandoned but was used by punk rockers, left-wing groups and anarchists since 1982.

What struck me as incredibly cute and an indicator of just how peaceful Denmark is, is that, fearing further violence the Danish police has borrowed 16 lightly armored vehicles from the Dutch! Even sweeter is the fact that they have already taken on loan 20 police vans from Sweden.

My first thought was, "Don't they have these things?" But my conclusion is they don't need these things. Or atleast haven't till now. Its that peaceful.


Rohan said...

It's nice to hear that such a country exists in the world!

Sathej said...

So peaceful a country in these times!Nice to know.You had also written about the clean airports and roads in Denmark in your earlier posts,right?Such a refreshing thought that places like these exist.

nischal said...

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Benno said...

Ha ha very funny :-D

Danish police already have a bunch of armored vehicles identical to the ones from Holland. Exactly identical, except the Dutch spell police 'politie' while the Danes spell it 'politi'. It's just that after the first day they realized they needed more.

Rohan said...

Hi Alaphia, I saw on the news that you once had a pretty rough time at SRM college. Can I have your take on that please?


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