Wednesday, February 14, 2007


On matters of racism and discrimination, India will always speak from a glass house because of this.


Sathej said...

India is undoubtedly a storehouse of discrimination.The caste system is a major cause.Economic and societal status are also contributing factors.The only fall out of the much-hyped Shilpa Episode is publicity for her and the programme.There is no way racism is going to stop after this.It is all in the mind of the people.Racism,discrimination and all such issues primarily reflect the immaturity of the people who indulge in it.Anyway,we Indians should be the last persons to comment on racism.
Neverthless,I was surprised to see a Pakistani newspaper highlighting the issue without pondering a little about huge social concerns pending in their own country.There is no point in people blame others without setting their own house in order.Racism and discrimination must be viewed as a world wide problem and collective afforts are to be made for a solution rather than resorting to mutual mud-slinging.

Bala (Karthik) said...

While the hypocrisy is getting cyclic (India points to the West, Pakistan points to India etc), the fact remains that this Indian apartheid is very real and and shows little signs of disappearing.

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GeekBeyondRedemption said...

I agree, caste and religion have caused far too many problems in India (as they have elsewhere).

The solution to this problem lies in rationality - education to all and equal economic opportunities to all.

Compare and contrast the caste based inequality in areas like Kerala and Bihar. The former is far better off, due in parts to land redistribution, widespread education, and a general rejection of state sponsored or supported religion.

The problems of caste and religion must be solved with rationality, and cannot be solved by converting people to another religion or following.

The dual of religion is rationality.

Vivek Kumar said...

Sorry.. I didn't get this. Who is this "we"?

If X number of people in India are racists/casteists etc, what stops the rest of Indians from speaking up, or indeed from pointing fingers at people from other countries?

If by "we" you did not mean "Indians" (as the rest of your post implies), then could you please elaborate?

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Sathej, Bala - Yes of course.

By the way Sathej, I wanted to ask you about the state of the black bucks inside IIT? Do you ever spot any?
Also what is the kind of construction activity going on inside?

Geek - I agree.

Vivek - "We" is the Indian state. The Indian state that steps in to protect Shilpa Shetty even while it does nothing about the Khairlanji killings. That same Indian state.

Rohan said...

India definitely needs to learn it's lesson. It's a pity that our country that is tolerant of almost everything is still not tolerant of its own poor people. More than tolerance, some common sense is needed.

seruppu said...

I hate this blog and this person. Am I intolerant towards idiots? And if she removes this comment, will she become intolerant of witty people?
Well, who's she to talk, right?
Long live logic!