Monday, February 19, 2007


Kokilavani would have been the first graduate in her family. But this poor girl from Namakkal was burnt alive by a bunch of AIADMK sycophants when her bus carrying 47 students of the Tamil Nadu Agricultural College was waylaid by them. 18 girls suffered burn injuries and three died – Kokilavani, Gayathri and Hemalatha, when goons from the AIADMK went on a rampage on February 2nd 2000 protesting against a court verdict that sentenced Jayalalithaa to one-years imprisonment for her role in illegally waiving building rules to a hotel in Kodaikanal.

I saw the video footage of the flames engulfing the bus and the screams of the poor girls trapped inside. It was like watching death. The AIADMK men doused the bus in kerosene and then prevented the girls from escaping.

Some justice now after seven years. 28 of those goons from the AIADMK have been convicted. Its death for three and seven years and three months imprisonment for the rest of the mob. But will the images of those flames and their childrens suffering in death ever be erased from the minds of the parents? As a society, it should never be erased from ours.

Jayalalithaa took no disciplinary action against her party workers who killed the women whose cause she claims to espouse. Now her stony silence after the verdict is just as shameful.


Sathej said...

It was inhuman behaviour on display that fateful day.It is a matter of shame that human beings can stoop to such levels.
And Alaphia,as regards,the black bucks,I spot them rarely.I have seen one just today after a long,long time.And the construction,well,it has been going on,in some areas but,not much encroachment into the forest area has been made.However,there must be(if already not) a well defined limit on constructions.You might be interested in viewing this.


Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hey thanks for that link Sathej. I will certainly check it out. I got one very negative report about the conservation efforts inside IIT.

Sathej said...

There is nothing done against conservation.Of course some construction is going on and it has to take place.
But,nevertheless some more positive measures have to be taken like educating both those staying within the campus and outsiders who visit about not throwing materials into the forest areas and travelling within speed limits.More can be done.The construction is undoubtedly a negative step,but after all it is necessary.We had a new Biotechnology Department building constructed recently.It was very essential.I believe there is some policy about limits on constructions.Two new hostels have come up and one cannot dispute it,what with reservation talk and increase in seats round the corner.
Eco-conservation is one thing that almost all people inside the campus care about.

Unknown said...

Yes, that was a really tragic incident which we hope would never happen again.The court verdict would certainly affect jayalalithaa s race in acquiring the CM s post.

Rohan said...

It is hard to imagine such barbarism in Tamil Nadu.