Wednesday, July 12, 2006


The Madras High Court has allowed the screening of The Da Vinci Code, calling its suspension, a violation of freedom of speech. A heartening judgment indeed. More importantly, Justice Prabha Sridevan observed, ‘It would be dangerous to suspend the screening of the film, if petulant groups of self-appointed persons demanded so even after it had the approval of the Censor Board of Film Certification.’ You can read the operative portion here.


Anonymous said...

I welcome the ruling. Happy viewing.

Anonymous said...

the freedom of speech should be was just a hype created by the media which led to this kind of interference by both the judicial and political statements.

Al Nims Media said...

Three cheers to HC. A slap in the face for Karunanidhi & Co for sure.

Rael Imperial Aerosol Kid said...

Good job by the Madras HC. There is hope yet! I love the wording of the headlines - 'Madras HC QUASHES ban on film'. Conjures up mental images of the government being squished to pulp by the HC.

I'm in Melbourne and the movie was released here 2 months ago. I remember writing a rather nonsensical post in my blog about the whole ban thing in India, at the time.

Anyway, I saw the movie. It's crap!

But its the principle of the whole thing that counts.

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Thanks Toe Knee. Not yearning to see it.. but like Rael says, its the principle of the thing.

Nabeel - there you go shooting the messenger.

Rael - Squish squish

Arif Syed said...

Congratulations! On your successful passionate campaign.

Anonymous said...

Hey Double Congrats !

1. For the promotion and salary hike

2. For your impending wedding in November.

Keep it up ! and hope your zeal never dies.

P.S: I am the anon who complimented you on yr hairstyle.

Anonymous said...

U must have seen how CNN-IBN stole the show on 7/11. Do u now understand how much NDTV sucks.

Alaphia Zoyab said...
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cynicalcount said...

To the anon who said IBN stole the show :

Rajdeep said and i quote " The whole world is watching IBN" unquote. The whole world which world , may be his own . Another gem was Vidya Molester Aiyar asking a old man" Who do you think are responsible for this" .

Is this person really sane? Asking a bystander on who is resp..nothing more pathetic than this. I hope Rajdeep takes this molester to some good doctor and get a scan done.

Anon, IBN was a like a vulture who pounces on his prey. The way they treated such a carnage deserves to be condemned in the worse words possible. May be anon tomorrow when someone dies in your family and the IBN morons hound you , i will say stole the show. You seem to be some low life who has no sense nor any kind of understanding. I am not saying NDTV did a great job but if you compare the two IBN's coverage was sick. NDTV also made some gaffes especially the drama queen was in her form displaying her usual antics but that is another story.

The media coverage was really pathetic and the insensitivity shown is something unpardonable.

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Anonymous 1 - thanks about the promotion!

Anonymous 2 - Lets just say IBN was first on the Mumbai blasts story... and your opinion of course is entirely unimportant to me.

Kausikram Krishnasayee said...

now that the movie is finally out, we can discard it as being a stupid movie.

Anonymous said...

cheers to chennai for being able to see the "code", I just caught this on ndtv tonight. I have to ask, is alphia here the same one tv? wow!!!
ps: ur hairdo looks really cool on tv :)

Anonymous said...

I was about to reply you in detail but then I decided to take a look at your blog first.
After reading the juvenile stuff there I realsied that you dont deserve a reply.
Go and get a life instead of watching TV all the time. lol!

rajesh said...

is alaphia getting married? whoa! a lucky man finally...congrats ms.zoyab!!! its pretty nice:-)...of course, there will be many hearts broken during november rains...count mine too...hehe...good going al! i hope u r not relocating to some other place.

anonymous and cynicalcount....why is that every discussion runs into personal attacks and name-calling. a debate is always abt the issue, abt the basis for an is not abt people who hold them.

and anonymous 2, if NDTV sucks...why are you watching whichever seems better to you, if there are any.

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hi Mayur, thanks about the hairdo.
Rajesh - Anon 1 has some of his facts wrong.

GeekBeyondRedemption said...

Alaphia, thanks for providing a forum for us to vent :-)... Hope you can keep the flow of piping hot topics.

Fortunately the courts are not subject to public opinion, just facts and laws. And fortunately India is a republic and not just a democracy. Although the behavious of the Hon. MP's and MLA's leaves much to be desired, I'd prefer that to a true democracy which would be a degenerate mob-rule.

Also I wish that other movies on 'sensitive' subjects, Kuttrapathirikai for instance, would be released too.

The idiocy of Congress workers protesting a movie like Hey Ram, possibly one of the best tributes to Gandhi that can be made in Indian cinema, is only matched by the others' idiocy with movies like Water.

There's a quote about how the person who you really have to be afraid of is the one who want to control what you see, because he really wants to control what you think. And the person who wants to control what you think, really thinks that he is better than you. Too sleepy to look it up.

On a totally off-topic note, check out for a Russia-oriented look at international affairs. There's an interesting list of articles on Russian-Indian relations too.

Anonymous said...

Hello Alaphia,
Congrats on the promotion,if Anon1 is right on that.And yes, the HC ruling has restored some sanity.Regarding the NDTV-IBN debate,there is no issue here.There are different channels and people chosse what they want.I don't think NDTV is in any way inferior than IBN or vice versa.

rajesh said...

hmm...well anon 1 claimed two things...promotion and wedding. the promotion news was acknowleged in a later post.

hence...rationally speaking (giggle), if anon 1 had given some wrong information....then the wedding news is either fully incorrect (a rumor) or partially incorrect (it cud be in december)

al, i would be happy for diff reasons in either case:-)

and anon 1, good for you that you choose to post as anonymous. plz dont spread rumors...but keep posting though:-)

GeekBeyondRedemption said...

Hey, Any news on the Blog ban on NDTV?

Anonymous said...

bnap ,
How do u say that NDTV and IBN are different channels? When IBN started all media critics called it NDTV's clone. But all that we now see is NDTV copying IBN in all possible ways.

Anonymous said...

hi about the da vinci code i would like to ask a question to every body in the blog
if "jesus was a god th why he worship god" can any body tell me the answer

GeekBeyondRedemption said...

According to the Bible, Jesus is not God. He is the 'Son of God'.

So he has every right to worship his father, or whomsoever else he sees fit :-).

As monotheistic religions, I see Judaism, Christianity and Islam as merely v1.0, v2.0 and v3.0 (or as some might propose, v0.1, v0.2 and v0.3). After all religion is 'software' - and who's heard of bug-free software :-).

The Quran supports this, saying Mohammed is the last of the prophets, among whom Moses and Jesus are included.

The Bible says it's v2.0 of Judaism and acknowledges Moses.

Saying 'this is the one true religion' is something that I'm not sure can be seen in the books themselves.

Disclaimer: I am an atheist, and this is from my limited knowledge of these religions.

Anonymous said...

as u said according to bible 'jesus is Son of God' but 'God' dont have 'Son wife father or mother' then how can they say that jesus is son of God
see i am not aginest any religions what i am trying to say that u be in any religion first try to find out that the 'religion' which u r following is correct or not.we have to look in our self and in our religion to know what we r donig is correct or not

Arif Syed said...

Hi Nabeel:
I dont mean to be personal. U appear to be trying to rationalise religion (correct me if I am wrong). Since I dont know ur background, the difference between scientific reasoning and religion (to my understanding) is that, science can only try to explain the "How" but science does not explain the "Why". By science we can attempt to explain how things work, such as why are winds generated or how matter interacts with energy etc. But can anybody explain "why" the earth exists? Why does the universe exist at all? Does it need to exist? Nobody knows, thats where god comes in( for me atleast).

Your thought about "son of God" is really non-essential (perhaps nitpicking). The Bible probably used that term in a metaphorical sense, just as Muhammad might be considered "son of God" since he was only the prophet and not God himself.

Your attempt at trying to determine if a religion is correct or not seems flawed. People believe in it as a conscious blind faith. If one tries to dissect any religion one will find many flaws which does not serve anybodys purpose. Its what as a child your brought up to believe in.