Saturday, May 13, 2006


HI all....Thanks for the comments to the previous post and apologies for not being able to reply. The new government is firmly in place and Vijaykanth has won afterall. The swearing-in ceremony was a disaster held in the nauseating heat of an indoor stadium bursting beyond capacity. Sun TV's pre-eminence was on display with their cameras getting the best positions and live coverage of a horribly organised event. Im not too excited about the DMK coming to power and obviously neither is Jayalalithaa. She has gone to the extent of saying that handing over power to the new government is like garlanding a monkey. I dont know about monkeys but what concerns me is the DMK's hold over the media and its ability to blot out all critical points of view. Tamil daily 'Dinakaran' is owned by them and its cut-throat pricing of 1 rupee is seriously threatening the existence of papers like the Dina Thanthi. SUN TV of course, continues to beam down propaganda and Dayanidhi Maran's ownership of the Telecom Ministry will cause even the most daring neutral channels to pause and think.


Anonymous said...

Well change of gaurd is always welcome,waiting to see if he propogates teh slow cases against JJ.. btw i dont know y NDTV covered the whole thing LIVE..frm the tamil anthem to his oath taking ceremony in tamil..utter waste of time(could have had some ads generating revenue)..

Doctor Bruno said...

What is wrong in showing the swearing in ceremony

Ponnarasi Kothandaraman said...

Nice blog and well maintained.. Keep writing!

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hi Srikanth, Yes a change of guard is welcome but only to the extent that it prevents people from getting complacent. But i dont know which of the two parties is the lesser evil. How strange that we covered so much of it live! I was inside the stadium.... so dont know what was on the channel!

Dr. Bruno... nothing wrong with showing it live... but like srikanth said, it was in tamil and made absolutely no sense. Its just a ceremonial thing anyway.

REFLEX said...

Same thing Vaiko mentioned in all his campaign. But it has reached the masses.
But Karunanidhi replied to a question abt Re.1 news paper. He said " Deccan chronicle is the first paper to launch Re.1 news paper.

Next 5 yrs is a fun. Now JJ will start answering in her channel. There shud be some alternative to these 2 parties.
JJ TV already started showing the atrocities of DMK in the state :).

JJ was saying the new government as Barbarians :), Monkeys ... :).

Anonymous said...


True: the phrase: ownership of the telecom ministry.

Well, yes, the monopolising of the Fourth Estate, which is a very important one and the only one caring enough to dissent, defy and dare in the case of hidden agenda in the State, is grossly wrong and has angered many. But, let's hope that the govt doesn't repeat what has been a cycle over the years - spate of vengeance being displayed over the years. Two, one hopes the promises are fulfilled down the line too and that the effects are not merely 'trickle down'.
About the whole inauguration affair being disorganised, well it has been years since I saw anything organised at the govt level. And as for holding it an indoor stadium, I know more than to speak...

Anonymous said...

Well about the venue,though there is a rule that doesnt allow events not related to sports, govt simply ignores it.When JJ chose this for STF function the same people cited the same reason N made a cry..

Anonymous said...

i agree with you.eventhough jaya tv propoganda for aiadmk they are not too popular to enforce their views on people.i could see from your election coverage that u are hoping for jj's win.obviously her govt had performed well as said by Rajdeep that Tamilnadu is good in many social development indices.Her copying of Dmk's manifesto didn't help her.This was only time media backed her.But it was comeback of sorts for 2004 elections

Pradeep said...

People like Tamil Nadu's "Man of the Century" Late Chief Minister Thiru KAMARAJ will never come power in Tamil Nadu
If Parties run their own television channel and have monopoly.
people in rural areas never see NDTV or Times Now or CNN IBN.. they know only one channel SUN SUN SUN
and they belive what is said in SUN TV....

DMK defeated Congress KAMARAJ's rule by saying "oru padi arasi for 1 rupee" and they never implemented it.
now they done the same by giving " 1kg rice for 2 rupee"
Jayalalitha's Government has started doing good things but people are selfish and they wanted gas stoves and tv which this government is not going to give...
people do have different views....only people in Tamil Nadu can feel it..

Anonymous said...

Way offtopic but what are the 5 W's and 1 H you mention in your heading? Sorry if this sounds obvious!

A Doosra Perspective said...

If you need to be politician then you must have the media power.
Vaiko- win TV
ramadoss- tamilan TV
MK -sun tv
Jaya- jaya tv

If jaya comes to power then jaya tv will take prime position for having cameras.

The most idotic thing is that a indoor stadium is used for oath taking ceremony. I really don't know the state of the stadium.

If these people use the stadium for these purpose then how can we produce world class sportspersons

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Sheks said...

i wonder who dayanithi maran's gonna threaten after ratan tata.