Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How I got my water bottle afterall

I was almost halfway to the tube station this morning when I suddenly remembered that I had left my water bottle at home. Since I was running a few minutes late I didn’t bother going back to get it.

Reaching the tube station I went straight into the WH Smith, as always, to pick up the day’s Guardian newspaper. I placed a £1 coin in the hands of the beautiful South Asian woman at the counter and was about to leave when another customer just behind me enquired, “Do you want a bottle of water?”

“Eh?” I thought to myself.

“Not really”, I replied, but only because I was confused.

However it occurred to me to ask the crucial question, “Is the water free?”

“Yes, I get a bottle free with my Daily Telegraph and I don’t want it.”

“Perfect.” I replied and reached out to pick up a bottle of Buxton still water with English cricketer Alastair Cook beaming back from the packaging.

Of all the days in the world for someone to offer me a free water bottle they chose this one!
“You just made my day. Thank you,” I said and walked away marvelling at the coincidence.

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