Saturday, May 05, 2007


I was delighted to open the papers this morning. The headlines in 'The Hindu' - 'Geetha Johri report speaks of "collusion of State government" and next to that 'Rasheed names MPs, ex-Minister'. Occasionally the tide turns against the people who govern this country and its deeply satisfying to find that somebody can put the fear of God in them.

What is fantastic is that people within the system exposed the dangerous and delinquent officers. First a damning report by Geetha Johri, IGP where she says the entire episode of killing Sohrabuddin, his wife Kauserbi and a key witness Prajapati, "makes a complete mockery of the rule of law and is perhaps an example of the involvement of the state government in a major crime."

But Geetha Johri was removed and Rajneesh Rai took over. The officer shocked his superiors by actually arresting the notorious trio and killer-in-chief, D G Vanzara. He has now been removed and reports suggest its because he was pushing for a narco-analysis test on the three arrested cops. But Geetha Johri is back and the state government has to submit its report on May 15th. Based on that the Supreme Court will decide whether to order a CBI probe or not, something Johri herself had recommended. This is certainly a story to follow till the very end if we are interested in promoting the efforts of officers with integrity like Geeta Johri and making sure that such rogues are exposed - rogues who have no respect for the citizens of this country.


Sathej said...
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Sathej said...

Hello Alaphia,
It is indeed refreshing to note that there are such officers still there in our system.But,just look at the cost at which justice is being administered.The situation has come to such a state that we are happy at such displays of integrity by a few people.What about the majority? Remember,the police are expected to be law upkeepers.It is a fact that the police must remind themselves about.

Rajesh Kumar said...

Alaphia, her name is Geeta Johri , not Geetha Johri. Would have forgiven anyone for this spelling typo, not a journalist :)

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hi Sathej,
Thats exactly why we write about this...because such display of honesty is rare!

Hi Rajesh,
The spelling is borrowed from the Hindu article...which spells her name as 'Geetha'.

Sathej said...

I understand,Alaphia.I am only lamenting about how those who are meant to upkeep law become violators.I shudder to think of the situation when there are no journalists.The press and to an extent,the judiciary are the watchdogs against other predators.But,they are limited in their capabilities.Though the press sometimes goes overboard like making every little story a breaking news,they are our only hope.

vivek said...

sadly, The Hindu got it wrong, in terms of Johri having written the report that they quoted. Retraction in today's paper:

Had to modify the bit I'd written as well:

Unknown said...

Hi A!

I think its great for the media to "indian idolise" such honest officers. (if we can idolise aspiring singers why not honest police officers).

Secondly, a single glimmer of light in stark darkness is better than nothing at all!

GeekBeyondRedemption said...

Hey Alaphia,

Nothing to say on the Madurai/Dinakaran issue yet? :-)

What I found interesting was that DMK issued a show-cause notice to Maran, but not to the participants of the Dinakaran conflagration. Shows who is dispensable and who is not.

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Sathej said...

A long time since the last post!Missing your anaysis of interesting issues!