Saturday, October 01, 2005


I called Airport Enquiry at 11:45 pm on the night following the strike called by Left unions all over the country. All I needed was to find out when the Thai Airways flight from Colombo would land. A gruff sounding man answered the phone. I was at the wrong place, he said, but instead of giving me the correct number he hung up.

Dialing another number led to an ‘error in connection’ message. The third line was not in existence either. The fourth line I tried, a lady picked up the phone. She told me I was calling the wrong number and kindly gave me the right one. But that line didn’t exist as well! I called back the number with the same lady at the end of the line. She tried connecting me to Thai Airways – no reply. I tried the last enquiry number she gave me. Dead again.

Dipanker Mukherjee of the CPI(M) was in the NDTV studio, brandishing a document on their alternative to privatization of airports. They would do well to begin with a damn enquiry number that works.

Its difficult to be sympathetic towards government employees who promise to run your airports efficiently, when they can barely tell you whether a flight has landed.


Anonymous said...

Ah, the concept of "customer care" is absent. It does not exist. They are running an airport, planes are landing and taking off and that is it- anything else is a pain.

They are afterall, bored to death telling people that so-and-so flight has landed and so-and-so flight will take off shortly. So what if they are paid for that?

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hi truman,
They should just automate this information delivery like the railways has.