Thursday, August 11, 2005


Covered yet another bland cricket story - the Indian cricket teams return from Sri Lanka. An obviously irritable Greg Chappell gave monosyllabic answers even as the press tried hopelessly to eke out a fresh angle to write a story on a team that is nauseatingly over-reported.


Q: "Mr. Chappell, what is the realistic time table you have set for yourself and this team for a turnaround."
Ans: "Yesterday"

Q: "Mr. Chappell, what are the early lessons learnt from this tour?"
Ans: "Bat better, bowl better, field better."

Some TV channels had this live!!!


Anonymous said...

An example of the ever-depleting quality of our media. And I am sure not many would find questions like these stupid for we digest just about everything offered to us related anything to cricket.

cynicalcount said...

I find people take extreme positions as regards to cricket. Either one likes it as mad or hates (like alaphia) . The point is when you take these extreme positions you tend to get biased in your opinions.

I reckon life is about balancing and this applies to each and every sphere. Cricket may be the sport in which media spends money on or the sport which makes ordinary sportsperson a superstar. But at the end of the day it didnt become popular over night. The world cup made it possible and i dont think we have won anything significant in hockey or football in the last 20 years.

Bala (Karthik) said...

Even for a person who loves the game, over-reporting a story already done to death is nauseating, as pointed out by Alaphia.
And Alaphia, with all due respect, NDTV is no different in this issue. Its dificult to decide who is more irritating among Sonali Chander and Sidhu. They always out-talk each other.

Alaphia Zoyab said...

Hi cynicalcount,

Im not taking an extreme position without knowing what im talking about. In fact, im not taking a position on the game at all. Like i said in an earlier post 'The Board and its Babus', cricket is a great game. But believe me...and just take my word for it.... covering Indian cricket can be very difficult, uninspiring stuff. And with a body like the BCCI at the helm of affairs, we journalists have come to expect the worst. Heck, they dont even have a decent website!!